Meet Our Automotive Team

Our staff at D&D Automotive Repair, Inc. employ today's latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor repairs, as well as complete maintenance on all foreign and domestic vehicles.

They are highly trained and professional. They attend training on a constant basis to provide you with the highest quality of service. They make a conscientious effort to keep a watchful eye for existing problems and ones that might affect your vehicle in the future.

David Books, the First "D", has been in the automotive field for over 40 years. David is an ASE Certified Automobile technician and he feels that continuing education keeps him up-to-date with today's automotive technology. David is a member of several business groups and serves as a board member of the WCTC Automotive Program. The WCTC board members help set the curriculum to make sure that students are learning the skills needed to work in the automotive industry. He was honored with the 2005 Most Valuable Partner Award from the School District of Waukesha for providing quality mentorship, skilled training, and meaningful work-based learning experiences through the Youth Apprenticeship Program.

Denise Books, the Second "D", works behind the scenes offering support through financial record-keeping, management of customer records, advertising and marketing.

Steve Schober | Auto Repair Waukesha, WI │ D&D Automotive Repair, Inc.

Steve Schober, Service Advisor, brings 30 years experience in the field to D&D Automotive Repair and has been a member of the D&D team since 2004. Steve attended schooling through Automotive Technical Institute (ATI) and is a Certified Automotive Service Advisor. Steve is here to help you solve your automotive service problems and get you back on the road as soon as possible. He is ready to answer all your automotive service questions and help you to prioritize your maintenance and repairs to keep your vehicle running at its peak performance. Steve is married to Lynn and has three grown children and five grandchildren.

Shawn Books | Auto Repair Waukesha, WI │ D&D Automotive Repair, Inc.

Shawn Books, ASE Certified Automobile Technician, is the oldest son of David and Denise. Shawn first started working at the shop in the summer of 1995 when he was in 5th grade, helping his dad with oil changes and cleaning the shop. He worked at D&D as an apprentice while attending high school. After graduation, Shawn enrolled in the Automotive Maintenance Technician Program at WCTC and after graduation in the summer of 2006, began his full time career. Shawn keeps up with changes in the automotive field by attending ongoing education classes as they are offered. Shawn is married to Kayla and they have a beautiful daughter, Harper.

Christopher Books | Auto Repair Waukesha, WI │ D&D Automotive Repair, Inc.

Christopher Books, Automobile Technician, David and Denise’s youngest son. Christopher began working full time for D&D Automotive Repair in January, 2009. His on-the-job training and experiences have allowed him to work confidently as an automobile technician while attending ongoing education classes to keep up the changing technologies in the automotive field.

Christopher and wife Ashley and have one son and baby twins born last summer.